April 3, 2008

Salt Lake Fire Dept

I got the call the I have been waiting for for the last four years. Salt Lake Fire Dept has offered me a job. I start recruit camp on the 28th of April and it will last for 10 weeks. Its pretty much a boot camp for firefighters.
It's been a long road to get here. It all started with around 500 applicants taking a written exam, they then took the top 150 scores and had us all do a behavioral test. We were then ranked from 1 to 150ish. Then they took the top half of that list and did a physical test. After that I waited for two years and then a had an interview. A few weeks later I got a letter in the mail telling me thanks but no thanks.
So I started the whole process all over. Except this time at the end of the two years I was offered a job. So now I just need to make it through recruit camp and a one year probationary period and things will be great.


Captain Power said...

We are VERY proud you past your behavioral test. Did you want a 1 or the 150? does 1 mean your dead and 150 means your captin personality. Like I save children and lost puppies?

Amy N said...

Congratulations! So does this mean no more "where am I" posts?

ScottBoomer said...

Well John #1 means you were the best and #150 means half the department is going to have to die before we hire you.
It looks like the "Where am I" posts days are numbered.


Really? You past your behavioral test? You must not have put my name as a Reference...ha ha.
Congrats--I'm happy for you and a little bit jealous--if the weather wasn't so great here, I'd be a LOT jealous :)
How are things at Kaysville?

ScottBoomer said...

Yeah Melanie I left your name off on purpose you know me to well.
And I passed the behavioral test not once but twice!
Kaysville is great, not much new there.

Chad Welch said...
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Chad Welch said...

How are the first few weeks going? For the last month or so, Logan has been on a kick to be a fider fider when he grows up. He'll have to come visit you to get all the details.