June 26, 2008


It was unbelievable today. We went on an auto accident on I-15 this afternoon in Kaysville. There were reports of several cars involved and at least one person was unconscious. We were the second ambulance on scene.
When we pulled up the life flight helicopter was just landing to take away the unconcious guy. When we asked one of the state troopers what had happened he told us that this little car had hit this truck. Now the little car definatley took the brunt of things. Then he tells us that the passenger in the truck got out and went over to the car and started punching the unconscious guy.
I couldn't belive it, what a coward to go over and pummel some one who can't even defend themselves. He ended up going to the hospital to just to get checked out, but UHP assured us he was going to jail as soon as he could.


Crystal said...

Here's my unbelievable accident story: The guy was eating a hot dog and choked on it, went unconscious and crashed his car. When the airbag went off it basically did the heimlich and dislodged the hot dog. In the process of all that, he broke his wrist and had to have surgery. Not quite as dramatic as beating up an unconscious person...but still a little crazy!

Scarlet said...

that is crazy! It makes me not want to get into anymore accidents.

Amy N. said...

Oh my gosh there are some D U M B people in this world! Seriously punching a helpless guy?! Greg and I were threatened one time we merged in front of a guy in construction. He got out of his car and started banging on our window calling Greg on-scary stuff! Did you hear about the road rage (in SLC I think) where a guy flipped off a lady and she pulled a gun and shot off his finger? She is one lucky lady the bullet didn't hit anything more life threatening. Again I say D U M B!

KNOWLES said...

WOW! That is some scary stuff. I hope that idiot is in jail for a long while with a whole host of law suits!!!