July 25, 2008

Beach Day

My Mom bought a little kids wadding pool and added a sand box for the grand kids. We took Lucy over the other day and had a "Beach Day". Her cousin Britian was there as well.

Lucy loved the sand box

Britian preferred to stay out of the sand box and opted to play soccer instead.

They both enjoyed splashing in the pool and being sprayed by the hose; but just like the sand box Britian did not want to get in the pool. He was content to stand on the edge and splash.


Amy N. said...

Oh how fun! I have always loved your parents backyard-and for some reason these "summer time" pictures remind me of some fun days! Your little Lucy is getting so big!

Cares said...

Lucy is getting way big, or I just haven't seen a current picture of her, what a cutie and her hair is getting so long!
I'm with amy good memories in your parents backyard!

Crystal said...

I suppose your parents don't have any trouble keeping the Grands out of the strawberries or off the hill - yet. What are they going to do when they (the grandkids) realize how much fun it is to play on that hill? How will they (the grandparents) keep them off? Whatever they tried with us never worked!

LindsayKeller said...

Thanks for posting the pictures of Lucy! She's growing so fast!