April 13, 2009


Easter has come and gone. It went a little better for Lucy than it did last year. We were able to get her to search for eggs and her Easter basket. She must think this holiday is crazy.

Lariann wanted to get a picture of Lucy and her cousin Kira in their matching Easter dresses. Lucy was not cooperating. She dosen't really care for Kira very much and she did not want to have her picture taken, she wanted play with sticks and in the dirt. She wouldn't even sit on grandmas lap for a picture. She just ran away.


LindsayKeller said...

Wow! I can't believe how big Lucy and Kira are getting! They look cute in their matching dresses!

Cares said...

Haha that is too funny! I can't believe how long her hair is she is a CUTIE!! When are we going to see pictures of your new place??

Ker said...

What a cutie! She and Hailey must be related, Hailey's a dirt/stick/rock girl too!