May 4, 2009



Aquatic Fowl

Mascot for the University of Oregon

Movies about a youth hockey team (The sequels were pretty bad)

Professional hockey team (Named after above movie)

Funny Disney cartoon character

At our house though ducks are fun bath time toys. We have quite the collection of toy rubber ducks.
Our first one was the squeaky duck

It was followed years later by the classic yellow duck and the courageous firefighter duck. Both baby shower presents.

Lucy’s first Christmas saw the addition of the beautiful princess duck, the police duck one our bath tubs finest and the laid back surfer duck.

We acquired the British guard duck while we were in England. He traveled the farthest just to get to our bath tub. (Okay that might not be true since I think all of them were made in China.)

This last Christmas we brought in the swash buckling & adventurous pirate duck and the adorable baby duck.

Our flock of rubber ducks makes great bath time fun for our little girl.

Which now brings us to our Poll
Which Duck is the best? Vote for your favorite today and let us know who you voted for and why?


Krissy said...

You need another option: None of the above. I have an irrational fear of ducks.

LindsayKeller said...

British Duck, he traveled the farthest and he has the best hat.

Crystal said...

I had to go with the Pirate duck. The fireman and princess were tough competition though! What a fun collection.

Cares said...

UGH! I can't believe my sister picked the pirate duck!? That was my top choice as well, just because I love pirates and would love to be one!

Dave said...

So can you do all sorts of crazy stuff in front of the British duck and it won't even flinch?