September 22, 2009

Wild Animal Park

The Wild Animal Park was fun, but hot. It's farther in land then the rest of the stuff we did so you loose that nice ocean breeze.

The shows were fun for our family. My Dad and Alison got to go on stage for a couple of them and Lucy got close to a few animals which was thrilling for her.

Lucy found a way to beat the heat in this kids play area where they spray water.

The petting area was a big hit with her. They had these dear from Africa that she got to feed and pet.

The carousel was so much fun she had to go twice in a row with out getting off.
Even then she still wanted to ride it more.


Krissy said...

So if you had to choose between the wild animal park and the zoo, which is better? I'm just curious for future reference in case we ever get to take a vacation again....

ScottBoomer said...

I'd probably say the zoo. It's in San Diego while the animal park is farther away I think it's actually in Escondido. They're both about the same though.