July 27, 2010

July 27th Birthdays

Today is my 31st birthday. A few years ago I took a look back at some of the important events that took place on July 27th. This year I thought I’d take a look at some famous people who share my birthday, in order from youngest to oldest.

Alex Rodriguez

Born: 1975
MLB baseball player (shortstop, third base). He has played for the Seattle Mariners, Texas Rangers and New York Yankees

Maya Rudolph

Born: 1972
She is an actress who was a regular on "Saturday Night Live" from 1999-2007 and has also appeared in several movies.

Jerry Van Dyke

Born: 1931
He is an actor who is most famous for his roll as an assistant coach on the television show "Coach" and is also the brother of Dick Van Dyke

Joseph Bert Tinker

Born: 1880
Death: 1948-07-27
"Hall of Fame" MLB baseball player (shortstop). He played for the Chicago Cubs and Cincinnati Reds (player-manager). During his career, he won 4 pennants and led NL in fielding for shortstops 5 times. He later managed the Cubs and worked for Chicago of the Federal League.

Nobody of any real historical significance on this list, so I’ll have to see what I can do about that.


Dave said...

No one of historical significance? My own search yielded Yahoo Serious, the writer/director/star of Young Einstein. So, um ... yeah, you were pretty much spot on with your "no one of historical significance" remark. Happy birthday.

Sarah said...

Happy Power Week Scott!

Sam said...

Happy Birthday!