August 20, 2010

New York Honeymoon

We got back yesterday from our honeymoon to New York City. I won’t share all the details but I will show you some pictures of the stuff we did out side of the hotel room.

We mastered the subway, well kind off. We at least got to every where we wanted to be.

We ate at all kinds of famous places.

Carnegie Deli, where their sandwiches are big on quantity but not so much on quality. The cheese cake was real good though.

The Hard Rock Café in Time Square where Ariane had her picture taken with one of Linkin Park’s guitars

Planet Hollywood, here I am with some stuff from the movie “Ferris Buellers Day Off”

We made sure to get some famous New York Pizza, which was really good.

We saw a lot of famous sites
We took a ferry out to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island.

The Empire State Building

The United Nations

The Brooklyn Bridge

Time Square

Rockefeller Center, where we went to the “Top of The Rock”.

Also saw Radio City Music Hall and the NBC studios

We took a walk through Central Park.

Went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, also known as the Met. No it’s not where they keep the baseball team the Mets and I was pretty disappointed about that, seems like should shorten it to the Muse, then it would be way less confusing and angry baseball fans would stop coming.
They do have priceless works of art from all over the world going back thousands of years; it was very cool to see.

We walked through China Town and Little Italy.

Took in a show on Broadway, the 2010 Tony Award Winner for best musical "Memphis"

And of course the baseball stuff.

We went out to Queens to watch the Mets play the Phillies and it rained the whole game. New York fell to Philadelphia 3-1

We toured Yankee stadium and watched them beat the Tigers 9-5

We really had a great time and saw so much and had a ton of fun.


Hali said...

Looks like you had a good time, and thanks for sparing us the hotel pictures....hahahaha

Jessica said...

How fun for you to experience NYC together!! :D