May 17, 2011

Eastern Kentucky University

This week I have started graduate school at Eastern Kentucky University. No, this does not mean that we are moving to Kentucky it’s an on-line program. I am pursuing a master’s degree in Safety, Security and Emergency Management with an emphasis in Fire and Emergency Services. It looks like a pretty good program. I do two classes a semester each running six to eight weeks long, I do one right after the other that way I don’t have to take them concurrently. I should be done in two years.

This will be a really new experience for me. I only took two on-line classes while I was at Weber State, botany and a social work class, and I didn’t take them very seriously. Now to be doing two years worth of nothing but on-line classes will be a real change for me as well as the fact that I haven’t had a college class since 2006. I have some adjusting to do.

I choose this school because I felt that this degree could help me move with Church Security and with the Kaysville Fire Department. I liked the idea of doing a degree on-line so that I could attend class when it was convenient for me.

A little bit about EKU or “Eastern” as the locals call it. It is located in Richmond, KY and was founded in 1906. Its colors are maroon and white and the mascot is the colonel. I think he bears a little resemblance to the Kentucky Fried Chicken guy. They play in the Ohio Valley Conference. Some notable alumni include, Dan Patrick - Sports caster and writer, Laura Kirkpatrick - Runner up of “America's Next Top Model” Cycle 13 and Rex Ryan - Head coach of the New York Jets. I am in good company here.

If all goes as planned in two years I will be receiving my master’s degree in Richmond, KY.


Sarah said...

Good for you! I hope that it does help you move up in security and firefighting stuff.

Amy N. said...

that is awesome, good luck!! Greg is finishing up his degree this year and has done it all online. I think the hardest part about it for him (and us) is finding a convenient time. When he is home it never seems convenient. He had to literally make up a class schedule to stick with so that we all know when school time is and when daddy time is and he finds himself at the library after work for an hour a lot of days.
You will figure it all out, congratulations on doing it! One day soon it will be my turn again.

Melanie said...

That is super cool! Good luck doing the whole school thing again. I believe in you!

Jessica said...

This is awesome, and what an awesome degree!!! I am a big fan of Laura from America's Next Top Model. :)