October 29, 2011

The World Series

Another World Series is in the books and this time my favorite team the St. Louis Cardinals won making it 11 championships for the Cards. This one feels extra special though since the Cards made huge comebacks and overcame a lot to get there and win it all. In August they were 10 and a half games out of the playoffs and managed, thanks to the Atlanta Braves collapse, sneak in. They beat the Philadelphia Phillies, the best team in baseball during the regular season, in the divisional series, the Milwaukee Brewers, champions of the National Leagues Central Division, in the National League Championship Series and then finally the Texas Rangers in the World Series. It’s been one crazy ride.

We made sure to have Jack already for his first World Series in his new Cardinals outfit.

We had a lot of family over to watch the games including my parents, the Evans’s and Arianes parents.

Some of my favorite moments from the series were when Albert Pujols hit three home runs in game three.
He’s only the third player in baseball history to do that in a World Series, Reggie Jackson and Babe Ruth are the others.

Chris Carpenter diving to first base to get the out in game one.

When Allen Craig robbed the rangers of a home run.

The best moments though came from game 6, if you missed watching it then you missed one of the greatest baseball games ever. The Cards won in 11 innnings thanks to a triple in the 9th inning by David Freese and his walk off homer in the 11th.
After which his teammates mobbed him and tore his jersey off his back.

All leading to the win in game seven.
After winning it all the Cardinals like to pile on each other and spray champagne on each other. I prefer to run around outside waving my Cardinals flag and cheering loudly.
What a season and it was the best World Series I have ever seen.


Sarah said...

Running around outside with your Cardinals flag is probably better than spraying your children with champagne.

Dave said...

With my team out of it, I was merely hoping for a competitive, evenly matched series. The Rangers and Cards certainly delivered on that. It was fun to see the World Series go the full seven for the first time since 2002, even if game 7 was sort of anticlimactic compared to the classic game 6.