February 24, 2012

Long Lost Relative

My friend Jason Lunt found this book and sent me a picture of it. The book is about a Boy Scout, Paul Siple, an Eagle Scout from Erie, Pennsylvania with a deep curiosity of nature and the world around him who is selected for what is now a history-making trip to Antarctica in 1928. The book then follows Paul as he travels to Antarctica with world-renowned explorer Commander Richard E. Byrd.

The picture of Paul Siple seems very familiar. However I can find no family relation to this good looking young man. I do feel like my image was stolen though since this is what Paul Siple looks like.

I think I bear a stronger resemblance to the boy on the cover then Paul Siple does. All though this picture does him more justice.

Here is what he would have looked like at about my current age.

And much later in life.
Is this a preiview of the futer for me? It seems unlikely, I can’t grow a beard like that and I am not going bald.

Still I can’t help but feel that Paul might be some long lost relative or maybe even me in a past life; he did pass away in 1968, so it is possible that I am the reincarnated Paul Sipple. We have a lot in common, he was an Eagle Scout and I am an Eagle Scout. That’s about where all the similarities end.

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Melanie said...

Both Eagle Scouts? You must definitely be his reincarnation...