May 13, 2012

Deak's Run For Hope

Yesterday Ariane ran a 5K race out in west Kaysville. It was the 2012 Deak’s run for Hope and it benefited the grandson of Arianes visiting teaching companion. Deakon was born with an extremely rare chromosomal abnormality, Ring 18. Essentially the second strand of DNA on his 18th pair is missing some pieces and has formed the shape of a ring, it can cause severe mental retardation and many who have the abnormality do not live very long. This is our neighbor, Jenny and her grand daughter who both also ran the race.
Ariane was not alone in her race though. She had Lucy and Jack with her, not really cheering her on but slowing her down a little.
Here they are before the race. Ariane did the whole race while pushing these two in the stroller. She was quite prepared, there were snacks, toys and our little DVD player in the stroller with the kids, to try to help fend of boredom. Keeping the kids happy was probably harder than the race itself. Ariane did pretty good though, she finished with a time of 47:33.8, which give her a 15:18 Min/Mi, and it was good enough for 55th place overall (unknown how many were in the race). Not too bad for someone pushing a stroller with two kids. After the race they handed out popsicles, which Ariane gave to Lucy, since ridding in the stroller can be very hot work.
Ariane received a t-shirt for her efforts and they raised a lot of money for the research of the Ring 18 abnormality.


Kirsten said...

GO ARIANE!! That is impressive! You wanna do mud vs man with me :) Probably would be kind of hard to push the kids though!

Melanie said...

Dude, Ariane is so freaking hard core!

The Bredthauers said...

Way to go, Ariane! So awesome that she's helping support a great cause :)