December 11, 2007

TAG! I'm it.

So my wonderfull friends Dave & Kristen Barton sent me this thing telling me "You're it". Basically what it boils down to is this. 1-The rules of the game are posted at the beginning. 2- Each player answers the questions about themselves. 3- At the end of the post, the player then tags 5 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves them a comment, letting them know that they have been tagged and asking them to read your blog.
So here we go-

Five Things I was doing 10 years ago-

#1 I was a freshman at Weber State University
#2 I was studying for finals
#3 I was packing to take a trip to Taiwan with the Weber State Symphonic Band for a music festival.
#4 I was playing Trombone at the Weber State Univerity mens basketball games.
#5 I was working as an usher at Kingsbury Hall with my Dad, Mom, brother Tyler, cousing Monica and friend Dave.
Five Things on my to-do list today-
#1 Take test for South Jordan Fire Department.
#2 Complete check off list for Fire Engine and Ambulance at Kaysville Fire Department.
#3 Remind my wife to contact Lucys pediatrician.
#4 Complete fire inspections for the two buisnesses we were assigned to do today.
#5 Take nap at work. (I'll bet ya'll wish you could do that!)
Five Snacks I enjoy-
#1 Grapes
#2 Oreo cookies
#3 Cheese crackers
#4 Apples
#5 Potato chips
Five things I would do if I were a Billionaire-
#1 Season tickets to all my favorite sports teams Denver Broncos, St. Louis Cardinals, Utah Jazz & of course Weber State. Even though there's no way I could make it to all the games it would be nice to go whenever I want.
#2 My own private jet
#3 A Ferrari
#4 A private island in the Caribean
#5 Several houses through out the world where I could go and stay whenever I wanted, locations would include but no be limited to St. Louis, Denver, San Diego, New York, London, Hawaii and my island.
Three of my bad habits-
#1 Biting my nails
#2 Drooling in my sleep
#3 Fallig asleep in church
Five places I have lived-

#1 Kaysville UT
#2 Farmington UT
#3 Myrtle Beach SC
#4 Columbia SC
#5 North Salt Lake UT

Five jobs I’ve had-
#1 Firefighter
#2 EMT
#3 Psychiatric Tech
#4 Usher
#5 Customer service rep
Five things people probably don’t know about me-
#1 I like exercising
#2 I don't mind changing Lucys diapers
#3 I like gray cloudy days
#4 I wish I could live in a small town
#5 I am so glad our baby is a little girl
The following people have been tagged by me-
John, Liz, Melanie, & Amy


Dizzy Miss Lizzy said...

all right - I'll play along :)

Amy N said...

thanks for the tag :) got it up...I put it on both my blogs cause not everyone can get to my family one :) don't you feel special that you can?!