December 27, 2007

Lucy's First Christmas

Lucy had her first Christmas. She probably thinks we're crazy now. I mean, a tree in the living room with lights and a bunch of random objects hanging off it? Mommy and Daddy making her sit on some weird guy's lap who had a long white beard, was dressed all in red, and scared her half to death? She must be wondering what is going on around here.

Lucy opening up her first present. Okay Daddy had to help her, she wan't quite sure what to do with it.

Lucy was quite a good girl this year so Santa brought her some great stuff, even though she wasn't thrilled to see him at the fire station (see post below). She's got toys, books and some Disney pictures to hang in her room.

Here we are with our sports stuff. Denver Broncos chearleading out fit for Lucy and a shirt for me. St. Louis Cardinals 2006 World Series DVD and colectors glass for me and a t-shirt for Lariann.

And what Christmas would be complete with out some STAR WARS toys.


Crystal said...

Such a cutie!! I love her facial expressions - that pic of her with Santa is so sad! Poor girl! Merry Christmas and happy 2008 you guys.

Amy N said...

Oh HOW FUN!! I love that you took a picture with her presents it is too hard to remember what they got! Oh and I know that cheerleading outfit would be SO PERFECT for pictures :) hope you all have a great New Year!