February 27, 2008

Cats vs Grizz

Lariann and I went to a Weber State basketball game last week along with my brothter Greg and my Dad. They were playing the Montana Grizzlies. I hate Montana so much. They're sort of a rival of Webers but mostly I hate them because they're really good at football and we're not. There was also a couple of years when I was in college and playing in the pep-band when all that stood between me and a trip to to the NCAA tournament with the team was the grizzlies.
The game went really well Weber State routed the hated grizzlies. We did manage to catch three of those mini basketballs that they throw into the stands during half time. I managed to catch two and my Dad caught one. I took pity on Greg and gave him one of mine. You know one of those sharing things they taught you in pre-school. Of course it did help that we were sitting on the seventh row.

I'm not sure what it is about a mini ball that makes me want it so much. I see them at the games I think, "I must have one, I will reach over the little kid and catch it over him, even though he'll enjoy it more and I'm probably just going to forget about this mini ball after the game." But for whatever reason I need one, mine is currently rolling around the back seat of our car.


Scarlet said...

give the mini balls to Lucy

Jordan said...

Agreed. Same with t-shirts. I always stand up in like the upper bowl, and quickly realize, "those weak cheerleaders can't throw this far." And sitting down. then, looking around to see a bunch of 10 year olds waving around their arms, I feel guilty.

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