March 30, 2008

Answers to SLC search III

Here are the long awaited answers to SLC search III. John Evans did the best from those who left coments. Way to go John.

Energy Solutions Arena, this was one alot of people thought was the conference center.

The State Capitol, this another one that was mistaken for the conference center.

Council Hall, across from the capitol. I was surprised by how many people knew this one.

THE Conference Center! Only took one photo there.

West High School

This was at the Fairgrounds at North Temple and 1000 West. No body got this one.


Scarlet said...

We guessed the Council Hall because it had that UGLY Buffalo.

Captain Power said...

YAY Me. What do I win? What? Nothing.. That stinks. Oh well. Yay me anyway. That was a fun game.

ScottBoomer said...

Due to lack of funds, no prizes will be awarded. We're still working on getting sponsors, and Southwest Ambulance has so far denied requests for any funds.