March 16, 2008

Salt Lake Search III

It's time once again for another game of Salt Lake Search. This time thanks to a student rider my partner Brad (no we're not gay) was able to be in the pictures with me and we were even able to get our ambualnce in one.
So if you think you know where we are leave a comment telling me where you think we are at.







Last week only had one site. And it was the fountain at the Gateway Mall. Alesha and Liz both got it right. Lets see how ya do this week.


EmandZachsmom said...

The first one is the conference center...3rd place is the little house across from the state capital...4 is the conference center again and i don't know the last ones.. okay i tried!

ScottBoomer said...

2 out of 3.

Alesha said...

First one is the staircase at the Energy Soluations Arena. I don't know two or three. Four is the conference center. I think six is maybe the Joseph Smith Building...

Captain Power said...

1. Is the Salt Lake City Library.
2. Liz say Capital building. I say CAB.(Church Administration Building)
3.Building across from capital building. I belive it is a utsh state info building for tourists.
4. CCB (Conf. center Building).
5. West High
6. Condos off of South Temple.

EmandZachsmom said...

Man i need to get out more!!

ScottBoomer said...

Alesha you have 2 out of 3 correct.

John you are 3 of 6

Amy N said...

I am never fast enough for these, and I actually knew some of them this time...Scott I am tagging you-copy the questions from my blog