November 15, 2008


I was tagged last month by cousin Amy and have taken a little bit of heat for not posting about it yet. So hear goes.
This post is supposed to be about stuff that I do randomly. Like my cousin Amy I am not a very random person. I like to plan things out. But there are a few things that I do randomly.
1- I like to go places randomly. I will tell Lariann to get in the car we need to go some where and then head out to the store or a restaurant. I also do it while we are out running errands. It drives Lariann crazy when I don't tell her where we are going. Which is probably why I do it.
2- I clean randomly. Not like doing the dishes or picking up the house. I mean deep cleaning. It usually starts with some thing bothering me like a dirty TV screen and the next thing you know I'm dusting the whole entertainment center. Or I'll get some thing out of the fridge and notice some Tupperware container that has mold growing inside it; ten minutes later the fridge is empty and I'm wiping out the inside with Clorox wipes.
That's about all I can think of.
Now that that's out of the way I can ask Amy why she hasn't posted her "Desert Island Discs" I tagged her weeks ago. So Amy why haven't you posted that yet?

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Amy N. said...

a) I have been waiting for you to post this...
b) I have been pondering, because a wrong choice could kill me...
c) I just don't like music and never listen to it.
take your pick...I guess you will just have to see...

Thanks for posting your randomness! I clean like that too. The other day it started with the fridge and before I knew it my hands were burned from clorine, but my kitchen was spotless-and smelled very clean too