November 5, 2008


This year for Halloween Lucy went as a ladybug. Lariann picked out the costume without consulting me. Other wise she would of gone as chewbacca or something like that.
We took her to do a little "trick-or-treating", we went over to the assisted living center where my Grandma Nelson lives and Lucy hit the jack-pot there. Lots of senior citizens ready and willing to give away candy. It's like visiting 20 houses at once. They all sat in the foyer and you just walk around and they give you candy.
Lariann and I really enjoy it, since we have eaten more of Lucy's candy then she has.

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Cares said...

Awe...too cute! I love the ladybug and who would have guessed you would have trick or treaters there? I am going there next year! Was it the good kind of candy, you know the kind you get in the richer part of town??