February 16, 2009

Lucy turns two

Last week was Lucy's birthday and we had a little party for some friends and family who live close by.
She had the Cars cake which she thought was the greatest thing ever. She wasn't so sure about blowing out candles.
She got some toys and clothes. Opening presents actually went a little better then it did at Christmas time. She was excited to open them. The other day she asked me for some more presents. So here are the photo highlights.


Amy N. said...

Happy Birthday to little Lucy! Are you opposed to me calling her Lucy Loo because it almost slips out everytime I see her-of course if you tell me you are opposed I will be sure to call her that (kinda like TJ)! She sure is a cutie!

LindsayKeller said...

Although I wasn't able to be at the party, I was able to see Lari and Lucy today. I can't believe how much Lucy talks! When I came in she pointed to my car and said, "Blue car!" She's SMART!

Cares said...

Happy Birthday Lucy!! and happy terrible two's to you!