February 28, 2009

Valentines Romance

I know we are at the end of February and that valentines day was two weeks ago, still I thought many of you would like to know how a hopeless romantic like myself celebrates this day of love with his wife.
First I bought her some roses and a valentines day card that says some thing romantic and really expresses how I feel about my wife. This year I went with the Hannah Montana card that said "You shine valentine". Keeping with my Hannah Montana obsession. Please see my Christmas post for more information regarding Hanna. The pose she uses on the card is the same as the pose for the month of November on our calender. Apparently she only had one photo shoot and just uses those over and over on various products.Lariann bought me a pie. She sure knows how to please me.

That evening we went out to eat at a very romantic yet reasonably priced restaurant. We went to Javiers in Ogden, it's a Mexican joint. Actually it's one of Lariann's favorites so she was really excited to go there.

Then we went to the always romantic Dee Event Center in Ogden to watch the Weber State Wildcats play the Portland State Vikings in a match up of two of the Big Sky conferences best teams. The Wildcats came out on top 78-68 getting alot of help from senior guard Kellen McCoy, who was mired in foul trouble in the first half,but scored 14 of his 16 points in the second half.
I know what you're thinking that basketball is not very romantic but Lariann and I used to go to games all the time when we were in college so it was a stroll down memory lane for the two of us.
So guys and gals there you go. A valentines day both Lariann and I could enjoy.


Amy N. said...

AHHH! How sweet are you!

Sarah said...

Scott, I'm especially glad that you included the Hannah Montana card! :D Way to keep up the theme!