February 24, 2010

Winter Olympic Cinema

It seems my “Winter Olympics” post did as well as NBC’s ratings for the winter games, poorly. I didn’t get many responses from my loyal readers, who maybe aren’t as plentiful as I thought they were. Some how curling won the pole, I don’t really believe that curling is the sport that most of you enjoy watching the most in the winter games.

As the games are drawing to a close here soon the United States continues to dominate in the medal count, proving that we are the greatest nation in the world. If you haven’t quite gotten your fill of the winter games there are a few flicks you can check out to help ease you back into normal TV viewing, though Bob Costas does not appear in any of them and or some reason the summer games aren’t as popular for movies.

The Cutting Edge- Hockey player gets hurt at the Olympic Games, can’t play hockey anymore, is then recruited by a figure skating coach to be partners with a woman who can be bested described as an ice princess. This creates a lot of romantic tension between the two as the struggle to co-exist and compete on the ice. This is really more a chic flick, some thing you men out there might not like as much but definitely will appeal to the ladies. Not bad as far as chick flicks go.

Blades of Glory- Another pairs figure skating movie, but is definitely not like “The Cutting Edge”. In this one Will Ferrell and Jon Heder (Napoleon Dynamite) play two male figure skaters who are banned from their sport. A coach finds a loop hole though that allows them to compete in pairs skating. I found the movie hilarious. Definitely one for the guys, though you ladies may also find it humorous. Guys if your girl wants you watch “The Cutting Edge” tell her you will, but only if she’ll watch this one with you. Seems like a pretty good trade off to me. Probably not one you should watch with the kids though.

Cool Running’s- Based on the true story of the Jamaican Bobsled team, though it’s hard to say how much is true. The Jamaicans enter a bobsled team in the Olympics, coached by John Candy, it’s a light hearted look at the struggles, training and competition of team from a country with no snow. On a related note, the Vancouver games were minus the Jamaicans this year for the first time since the Calgary games. It’s fun humorous movie that the whole family can watch together.

Miracle- Also based on a true story, this one tells the story of the 1980 men’s hockey team, known as the “Miracle On Ice”. This is a great film that really shows the grit and determination of a young underdog team that upsets the big Soviet Union power house. If you don’t know the story of this team then you really haven’t ever watched a winter Olympics before. This is another great one to watch with the kids.

You've got it all here, comedy, insperation, romance and drama. Hopefully these can help your appetite for winter sports once the games have come to an end or at least get you buy until the NCAA basketball tournament starts.


Amy N. said...

yeah for some reason I didn't see your last post or the poll. I would not be among the curling fans. I prefer to watch the "action" events...you know where there might be a chance to see a major crash. Snowboarding, skiing, and racing are my events of choice.

The only movie that I haven't cared for was Miracle-although Greg loves that one. I do have the urge to watch them all again though

Dave said...

The Cutting Edge: I'm pretty sure this was the movie that preceded my first kiss.

Blades of Glory: Never saw it. I have boycotted anything starring that Napolean Dynamite kid.

Cool Runnings: I haven't seen this in a long time, but its legacy was forever secured when it inspired us to call Ryan Bentley "Coach" with Jamaican accents.

Miracle: One of the best sports movies of the last decade. And Kurt Russell's authentic wardrobe is fantastic.