March 1, 2010


Lucy and I went to Disneyland this last week with my parents, Larians parents and her brother John and his wife Liz. We had such a good time, it was Lucy's first trip. We bought mouse ears and they gave her a badge for her first visit. It was great, hope you enjoy the pics.

She loved her visit to Pixie Hollow to meet Tinkerbell and some of her friends

She had such a good time in Toon Town meeting characters and playing in the houses and on the cars

We rode so many rides. Some of her favorites were Peter Pans Ride, the Tea Cups and It's a Small World which I rode every day with her.

We saw and did so many fun things.

I made sure that Lucy and I had coordinating shirts on every day. Utes, Broncos, Jazz, Star Wars there was new theme every day.

I had such a good time. Most the rides I rode you didn't have to be over 40 inches and I had so much fun riding them with Lucy.


Amy N. said...

how fun! we have been talking about going, but keep saying we should wait until all the kids can enjoy it, but looking at your pictures maybe we should go while our kids are still young enough to believe in the magic! I love your matching shirts

Hali said...

Calvin actually has the same Star Wars shirt as Lucy, we should coordinate them to wear them together. Looks like you had a good time!!!

Lindsay said...

Lucy is growing so fast! It looks like you all had a great time! Nice coordinating skills.

Marc said...

Two questions... How does one get into club 33? And why was there no Weber State day?