March 12, 2010

Teams I Hate

After my Alma Mater Weber State was defeated in the Big Sky Conference Championships by Montana this last week I decided to write about the teams I hate and why. Most of you are probably pretty familiar with my favorite teams and schools, but loving a team also means your team probably has a rival whom you hate or loath or at least wish bad things upon them. Opposition in all things, yin & yang, good versus evil it’s the way things have been since the beginning of man.

Davis- This became a rivalry for me when half of my junior high in Farmington went to Viewmont and the other half went to Davis, so I had a lot of friends who went there. My school has a lot of advantages over Davis. Our colors were red & gold, theirs are brown & yellow, our mascot was a fearsome Viking theirs is a little dart.

Montana- This rivalry with Weber State is personal. Having played trombone in the band for the Wildcats for all five years I was in school I went to a lot of football and basketball games. Montana cost me a lot of free trips that I would have been able to take with the team had they won the conference championship in either football or basketball. Standing in the Wildcats way was usually the grizzlies.

Brigham Young- The oldest rivalry for me, this one with the University of Utah goes all the way back to when I was a little kid. Before I even knew how to play sports I knew that my family was Ute fans and that we hated the cougars. Growing up in the 80’s when byu dominated the rivalry was rough. I was mocked by friends and my family’s house was toilet papered after several byu-Utah football games.

Chicago-Being a Cardinals fan means that you hate the cubs. However this rivalry is almost comical, where the Cardinals have enjoyed much success during their history, winning 10 World Series, most in the National League and second most all time, the cubs haven’t won a World Series in over 100 years.

Oakland-If there ever was a “good versus evil” rivalry this would be it. The raiders are a bunch of criminals and their fans are even worse. Oakland coliseum looks like it is a scary place to attend a game. The Broncos and raiders both became teams in the old AFL, 50 years ago and the rivalry has been heated since day one.

Los Angeles- My hatred for the lakers comes from their success and the Utah Jazz’s lack of or that the Jazz have come so close only to come up short. It’s the big city versus the small city, the glamour of L.A. versus the quaintness of Utah. They are able to get almost any player they want while the Jazz have trouble talking players into coming to Utah. This hatred for the lakers definitely stems from jealousy.

There you have it. The evil side for all the teams I like. If you happen to be a fan of one of these teams it doesn't mean we can't be friends or I will disown you as a family member, it just means I probably won't like you as much when your team plays mine.


Melanie said...

At least Davis can actually win at sporting events...

ScottBoomer said...

Win or lose your colors still look like human waste

Tyler, Brooke, Britain and Braden said...

Um...I don't think your excuse for hating BYU is good grew up hating them? Did you ever actually pray to know if they were really more awesome than Utah? I know you haven't, just following the traditions of your fathers...not a good thing.

Cheeseboy said...

Hey Scott... found your blog through Dave's. Pretty entertaining stuff.

I can think of 1000 reasons to hate BYU, but I appreciate any most hated list that has them on it. My heartfelt thanks go out to you and the list.