May 13, 2010


As the seasons change several of my neighbors (I assume it’s the women who are doing this) like to acknowledge this by placing flags out in front of their houses. Feeling the need to fit in a little I decided to follow suit but being a single man though I felt the need to maybe do this a little differently.

This beautiful flag has been flying out side my house since January. About the time the Denver Broncos season came to an end.

Once the Utah Jazz were out of the playoffs I put up my St. Louis Cardinals flag, the one that started it all, to show everybody that it was baseball season.It will remain there until the Cardinals season comes to end, which will hopefully be in late October or early November.

Once the Cardinals are done playing baseball the Denver Broncos flag will return out side my house.The same flag that was stolen off my house last November was returned to me. It was taken by a fellow Kaysville fire fighter and neighbor James Wade, who thinks he’s pretty funny.

Maybe it’s not the same way my neighbors would do it but I try to fit in as best I can.

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Jessica said...

at least if anyone needed to find your house it would be easy! :D