May 24, 2010

South Carolina

This weekend is my Cousin Neil’s mission farewell. Neil has the privilege of serving in the Columbia South Carolina Mission, the same mission I served in ten years ago. You might think that’s amazing that my cousin is going to the same mission I did and it is but it gets more amazing.
Neil isn’t the first cousin of mine to go to South Carolina. I have two other cousins who were called to serve there as well. I know; what are the odds that three of my cousins would all have served in South Carolina? The odds are probably not very good. But wait it gets more amazing.
All three of these cousins will be in South Carolina at the same time. Now that’s amazing. You may not believe it but it’s gonna get more amazing. Two of these cousins are brother and sister; Sadie and Dylan. How crazy is that a brother and sister in the same mission at the same time? As always it gets more amazing.
All three are from the same ward in Pinedale Wyoming. When was the last time you heard of three missionaries from the same ward in the same mission at the same time?
So to recap three of my cousins, two of which are brother and sister, from the same ward all going to my old mission in Columbia South Carolina at the same time. Pretty amazing isn’t it?
I have pulled my old mission photo albums out three times now and shown each them pictures of South Carolina, retold stories, told them about the food and the wonderful people there and tried to teach them all a little bit of the southern language. I’ve gotten pretty good at giving my presentation on South Carolina.
I guess the Nelson family is just blessed to place so many of us in the greatest mission in the world. Maybe I won’t put my old mission photo albums away just yet. You never know when the next Nelson is going to get called to the Columbia South Carolina. Maybe with the Nelson families help the south will rise again.


Sarah said...

I love that Scott! Maybe we'll get another Bredthauer there. Matt is leaving in a little over a year...

Kristie said...

I have a set of cousin's that served in the same mission at the same time. Brother and sister. It is always so funny to think how could that happen? But then you think, someone has a plan for us all.
Tell them to take some of the same crazy pictures you took when you were there!

KNOWLES said...

Well Landon should be turning in his papers in a couple of months... it could happen :)

The Bredthauers said...

Love it :)