June 10, 2010

Kansas City, 2010

Last week I took Ariane out to Kansas to meet my brother Tyler and his family. My parents also came with us.
We had a really good time and it was fun to spend some time with Tylers family. We had some famous Kansas City BBQ a couple of nights and it was great.

Ariane and I visited several museums during our trip. Like the American Jazz Museum in Kansas City. No photos were allowed inside.
Out side they had a memorial to Charlie Parker a famous saxophonist from Kansas City.

Also located near by was the Negro League Baseball Museum.
This museum didn't allow any photos inside either but I did manage to get picture of Ariane in a Kansas City Monarchs hat.

There were museums where we could take pictures, like the National World War I museum in Kansas City.

I also got Ariane to try on another hat.

We went with my patents to the Truman Presidential Library and Museum in Independence MO this museum also allowed pictures to be taken.

We also visited the church sites in Independence, like the temple sit.

Tyler, Brooke and the boys joined all of us for a trip to Liberty MO to see the jail.

Ariane and I had a great time getting know Tyler's family. This was this first time I had met Braden, or as Britain calls him Mr. Braffey. He is a fun little guy.

Britain had his third birthday while we were out there. He had big party with presents, dinosaur cake and a pinata.

Ariane and I took in a couple of Kansas City Royals game while we there. We went with my parents to watch them play Angels, the roylas fell behind early but were able to mount a come back, unfortunatly they fell one run short.

A couple of nights later we went with Tyler and Brooke to watch the Royals take on the Detroit Tigers. The Royals ended up falling to the tigers 4-2.

In keeping with the museum theme of this trip the Royals have their own museum.

Full of all kinds of awards won by Royals players. The 1985 world series trophy

Cy Young Awards

Gold glove awards

A tribute to George Brett, considered the best player in Royals history

And George Bretts bat from the famous "Pine Tar" bat.

For those who don't know what this is check out this link it should explain it. Don't worry, they ended up giving him the home run and played the rest of the game a few days later and the Royals won. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZrFzGbM_g4Y


Lindsay said...

Holy crap! When did Britain get so big? It looks like you and Ariane had a great time!

Hali said...

How do you always get people to put on ridiculous hats and pose for you, I don't get it, but it is still funny! Looks like another successful trip to Kansas.

The Bredthauers said...

Wow Scott! Looks like you guys had a great time :) I didn't realize Ariane's hair was so curly! It's so cute.
(I don't know why I have to put that. Of course, you know it's me. Greg would never write a comment or say someone's hair is cute)