September 18, 2010

Ole Miss

A short time ago, in a land not so far away…

Back in 2003 the University of Mississippi Rebels, or Ole Miss as it is more commonly known, dismissed their mascot Colonel Reb, in an attempt to be more politically correct. Since that time they have been with out an on the field mascot. The students at Ole Miss decided that it was time for a new mascot. Who better to lead the Ole Miss Rebels then the leader of the galactic rebellion against the empire, Admiral Ackbar from the Star Wars movie “Return of the Jedi”.

It’s to bad this didn’t work out. It seems like an upgrade on so many levels, going from a colonel to an admiral, pistols to lasers, sailing ships to space ships, the south eastern United States to an entire universe. Plus you would definitely have the entire market of alien themed sports mascots all to your self.
So I guess the students of Ole Miss will return to their search for a new mascot and Admiral Ackbar will return to trying to restore freedom to the universe. It’s to bad, I probably would have signed to do graduate studies at a school who had a Star Wars character for a mascot.


Brett said...

Now that could have been awesome!

Dave said...

I don't think Ole Miss should have repelled a potential mascot of that magnitude.