November 4, 2010


Lucy, Ariane and I had a great Halloween this year. We went to Halloween parties, decorated the house, went trick or treating and carved pumpkins.

This year Lucy and I went as Jedi Knights from Star Wars. No the costumes weren't my idea but I was all for the idea.
My brother in law John and his wife Liz gave Lucy the costume last spring and ever since then Lucy has told has said, "Daddy you and me are going to be Star Wars for Halloween." I'm not one to disappoint so I got out the light sabers and borrowed a Jedi cloak from John and Liz and we had us a costume.

Lucy and her cousin Kira went with Ariane to her parents’ house to carve pumpkins with her cousins River and Liam and Ariane’s sister Chelsea and her brother Jeff.
The adults did most the work while the kids played around, Lucy will tell you that she carved the pumpkin but don’t believe her.

We made our anual trip to Lagoons Frightmares, where Lucy got meet all the monsters.

And try on some a costume.

Ariane took Lucy to a Halloween carnival with her friend Tiffany and her daughter Addison, who went as Super Girl. They had a lot of fun getting their faces painted, playing games and of course getting candy.

We actually spent the Halloween weekend in Denver Colorado for my cousin Tolans mission farewell, he’s going to the Dominican Republic. We went to the YMCA’s Halloween carnival where we played games got candy and made some crafts.

I hope your Halloween was as fun as ours was!


Sarah said...

So cute! I like the face Lucy is making with all the monsters.

Lindsay said...

It looks like Halloween was a ridiculously fun time! Lucy made a great Jedi!

Melanie said...

That's awesome! Jedi Knights. Not a better costume out there.