October 29, 2010

New Mexico

A few weeks ago Ariane and Lucy took a trip down to Albuquerque New Mexico along with my parents to visit my brother Tyler, his wife Brooke and their two little boys Britain and Braden.

Grandma and Grandpa both enjoyed spending time with their grandkids.

They had a lot of fun going to the zoo

Interesting facts: the hippopotamus is Arianes favorite animal and Animal Planet listed it as the second most disgusting animal on the earth.

And to the park, where Lucy and Britain would run through the water.

Britian apperently is a great tour guide.

And while they were down in The Land of Enchantment I worked 16 hours overtime that weekend. Hey, some ones gotta pay the bills around here.


The Bredthauers said...

I like hippos too.

Sarah said...

I too have to pay the bills and not go on fun adventures.