September 22, 2011

Holy War 2011

Last weekend we got together at the Evans house to watch the annual “Holy War”, everyone had on their best Ute gear.

Here’s Lucy and her cousin Kira enjoying the big game. Kira still struggles with posing for pictures but Lucy really gets into posing now.

And here we have myself and my sister in law Rachel holding Jack and Cooper with Liz sitting next to us. The latter three all have about the same interest in the game.
I think Liz and I could have a future doing the play by play and color commentary for football games.

I really appreciate Jake Heaps and the other cougars doing their best to help the Utes win the game.
Thanks for the SEVEN turn overs guys, you really made my weekend.


Lindsay said...

That game was brutal. James loved it. I'm sure good times were had by all at the Evans household!

Melanie said...

Wow, I sure do love your blog, Scott. It is pretty freaking entertaining.