September 14, 2011


Lucy had her first day of preschool last week. She is going to my Aunt Jennifer’s preschool Little Feet. Lucy was really excited, when we got there she asked, “Can I go to school every year?” I told her, “You will be going to school for many years to come.” That made her pretty excited; we’ll see if she’s still excited about that in five or six years.

I think it’s really cute that she has to bring a back pack to school with her every day in though she never puts anything in it. Every paper and drawing she brings home can’t go in the bag because she wants to show them to us and hold it in the car.

Our little girl is getting so big.


Sarah said...

Preschool is awesome. Especially with Aunt Jennifer. And watch out, if Lucy likes school this much, she may end up like me. In school. Forever.

Melanie said...

Bahaha, I like Sarah's comment. But I do think it is awesome that Lucy is enjoying school so much. It is good for her. And for you and Ariane. I hope she grows up still enjoying school, not like me. ;)