January 30, 2012

Television With Lucy

In the latest edition of “Television With Lucy” I present “Danny Phantom”. This show is one of Arianes least favorites, it hasn’t been watched out our house for some time. Part of it was Ariane saw a lot of this show for several weeks in a row and got really tired of it, Lucy gets into a show and then only wants to watch that one show over and over, our Netflix account makes that possible. Also Ariane was at the end of her pregnancy while Lucy was watching this show, she was pretty miserable at the time and I think that gave her a bad impression of this show.

The show is centered on Danny Fenton, whose parents are some kind of ghost busters, though they are not very good at it. One of their machines gives him ghost powers. His parents for most of the show are unaware that he has these powers.

Now he battles an assortment of evil ghosts who are trying to take over the world while navigating all the pitfalls of being a teenager.

His friends Sam and Tucker aid him in his fight against these ghosts and know about his powers.

The theme song tells it better than I can.

Lucy likes the show because it has ghosts in it. She thinks she likes ghosts and scary things but if it gets to scary she gets frightened. This show isn’t too scary and has quite a bit of humor in it. It’s not one I would sit down and watch with her but she sure likes it.

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Melanie said...

I'm happy Lucy has Netflix to entertain her. I'm sorry for Ariane having to watch all these shows she doesn't want to though. Poor Ariane.