January 13, 2012

Temple Square With Lucy

This last week I took Lucy down to Temple Square for a father daughter outing. A great time to visit Temple Square is any time the Christmas lights aren’t on. It’s a lot less crowded and you can take in more of the sights.

The Church History Museum has a children’s exhibit, which is what we really went there to see.

Lucy got on the boat that Nephi built and caught us some dinner for our journey.

We built a temple in the New World and promptly destroyed it just like it happened in Third Nephi.

Checked out some gold plates to.
Lucy says that they are very heavy.

They have a LeConte Stewart exhibit in the art portion of the museum, which Lucy could care less about but they have a computer set up where kids can color in some of his famous paintings.
For those of you who don’t know Stewart was a painter who is famous for his works of Utah rural structures and landscapes.
Like this one that Lucy painted on the computer.

I showed her the replica of the podium that is in the Conference Center and she had to get behind it and give a talk.

We then went down to the pioneer exhibit, Lucy was impressed that they used wagons and hand carts instead of cars.

She tried out the bed in the sailing ships quarters and said it was not as good as her bed.

After that I had plans on leaving but she wanted to see more stuff. I took her over to the North and South Visitors Centers, which really aren’t geared towards kids. Lucy complained that they were boring and wanted to see more kids stuff and was disappointed to find out that there wasn’t much else for little kids there.

Finally we took around the temple and climbed the steps up to the door of the temple only to find that it was locked. How disappointing.


Melanie said...

What a fun outing you had together! I didn't know there was so much for kids there. Good stuff to know for when my little dude is older. :)

Sarah said...

That is a great outing. I want to go to the Children's Museum part! Poor Lucy, locked out of the Temple.

Scarlet said...

LeConte Stewart lived in the Kaysville First Ward. I remember him from when I was a kid.
I'm glad you and Lucy had a good time... minus all that boring stuff.