April 13, 2012

Easter 2012

It was a fun Easter this year for us at our house, with three families to try and visit it gets a little crazy but it sure is fun.

Lucy went and colored Easter Eggs with the Evans family. Here she is with her cousin Kira.
And here is Aunt Rachel with an awesome hairdo and radiant smile.
I sure am glad this picture can be put on the internet.

There was also an Easter egg hunt with the Stevens family. Uncle Jeff was in town for Easter and Aunt Chelsea brought her kids down for the event.
Arianes mom bought all the kid’s yellow “Despicable Me” minion’s shirts, even the babies.

When Lucy finds an egg she likes to make a show of it by holding it over her head and singing a high pitched “AHHHHH”

Sunday morning Lucy found her Easter basket and all kinds of goodies inside.

Jack also had an Easter basket that was full of baby food and some new outfits, as well as the ABCs of “Star Wars” book.

Lucy needed to check out the book first though before it was good enough for Jack.

Everybody got some new shirts for Easter as well.
We sure are a good looking bunch.

The Easter Bunny hid the eggs Lucy colored at my parent’s house for her to go find.
Her favorite egg is the Perry the Platypus egg.

Since it is the celebration of Jesus Christ’s triumph over death, it seemed appropriate to take some flowers to Larianns grave.
Lucy complains from time to time that resurrection sure is taking along time. We all have faith though that it will happen some day and we all be together again as a family, just maybe not as soon as some of us would like.


Sarah said...

Happy Easter! That darn resurrection.

Kristie said...

What a sweet girl. I can agree with her, it is taking forever. And there are some people I would love to see sooner rather than later. (We just lost my brother Andrew 3 weeks ago.)
Thanks for sharing a sweet lesson from a little girl who knows so much.

Lindsay said...

Jack is so cute! Lucy's comment about the resurrection was really sweet. You and Ariane are doing a great job teaching her the Gospel.
Happy Easter!