April 3, 2012

The 200th Post

My blog has now reached a new milestone. This is the 200th post, yes the bicentennial of posts. It’s been a long fun journey here on the internet, I took the time go and review some of the stats of my blog over the last 200 posts.

It all began on November 3, 2007 with my inaugural post “Welcome to Totally Scott”, a humble beginning for such a great work.
At that time I was working for Southwest Ambulance in Salt Lake City, Lucy was six months old and I was married to Lariann.

After a few posts my blog got a much needed makeover from my friend Dave, who is a graphic artist.

Dave gave it the title “Great Scott” and made the logo, it was inspired by the “Back to the Future” movies where Doc Brown often utters the phrase, “Great Scott”.

My 100th post, which passed unceremoniously, was “Turning 30”, which chronicled my 30th birthday.
At that time I was working for the Church Security Department, Lucy was 2 and a half and Lariann had passed away just a few months prior.

Now here at the 200th post I am still working for the Church Security Department, I am married to Ariane, Lucy is five and Jack is seven months old.
At lot has changed for me in the last 200 posts.

The number one foreign country viewing my blog is the United Kingdom with 686 hits.
Followed by Canada and Germany

The search keywords that bring up the most hits for my blog are Manute Bol.
I did post on him after his untimely death in June of 2010, "Manute Bol".

The most visited post of mine was my "NCAA Mascots" post back in 2009. Apparently when people did a search for mascots such as the Wake Forest or Syracuse mascots my blog was brought up.
I had 2,585 page views of that post.

The person who has posted the most comments is my good friend and creative consultant for my blog Dave Barton.

The most popular topic is Lucy.

The most commented on post was “Here’s Jack”, about Jacks birth.

My blog had its most page views in June of 2011, which was when we were running the polls to try and decide on a "Manly Name" for our upcoming baby. There were 1,970 views that month.

I can’t wait to see where life has taking me when I reach the 300th post on this blog.


Sarah said...

Wow, a lot has changed. I am always kind of weirded out by what search terms get people to my blog.

Lindsay said...

You've been through a lot during the past 200 postings, good and bad. I'm glad you blog and keep us updated on the Bredthauer family!

Dave said...

Congrats on the milestone. I'm relieved I abandoned correcting your spelling errors as part of my "creative consultant" duties after your first few posts.

Amy N. said...

very fun post. I will hit 1,740 this week (not to brag or anything ;) ) it is fun to look back and see what we did so long ago.