September 8, 2012

First Day of Kindergarten

Lucy had her first day of school last week. She was really excited to be going as you can see from her pictures below. She now attends kindergarten and has loved her first week. I hope her teacher is ready to deal with a strong willed and defiant child. It can’t be the first time one of those has come to kindergarten right?
Her Minnie Mouse back pack, that she has had for a couple of years now, was too small for the papers and folders that they send home from school.
So we had to go get a new one and of course amid all the princess’s, fairies and pink girly back packs Lucy chose a “Cars” back pack. Whatever makes her happy I guess.


Allie-Sun said...

Love that girl! Smart, cute, AND Cars!

Melanie said...

Cars is awesome! I'm happy she is enjoying school!