September 4, 2012

Jacks First Birthday

Last week our little Jack had his first birthday. We had a small party to celebrate the occasion. My sister in law Liz made Jack a cake, we didn’t really have a theme so we told Liz that what kind of cake we had was up to her. Liz decided that a Jack Skellington cake would be perfect for Jacks first birthday. She created this wonder full cake and these matching cup cakes to go with it.
Jack got to eat the Jack Skellington cake all by himself. At first he wasn’t quite sure what to do with it, but then he dove right in and the results were messy. Our little boy sure enjoyed himself.
We’ve had such a great year with this little boy. His older sister and us sure loves him. We look forward to many more birthday parties but hopefully he’ll learn how to eat cake without coating himself in it.


Sarah said...

Oh Jack is so cute! Happy birthday to him!

Kirsten said...

Look at that blond hair!! He is getting so big!! Happy first Birthday JACK!!!

Hali said...

Sorry I missed it, I would have liked to have some of that cake. Yum!