January 7, 2008

Latest on the tumor

Lariann had an MRI and an apointment with her Oncolygyst today. It was quite the ordeal for us. It took her two hours to get her MRI done, they were backed up at LDS hospital and they had to redo some of her scans.
Once got to her doctors apointment the radiologist had not sent up his report and the MRI's, we waited for two hours and still nothing. Her doctor felt so bad he wiaved his office visit fee and gave us a half eaten tin of candy of his desk, yeah that was weird but then it got weirder when in the hallway he appologized again and gave me a hug.
He called us back later and told us the tumor has shrunk significantly which is good news. He said that the cysts are still growing which has him puzzled since usually they only grow if the tumor grows. So he and some of his fellow doctors are going to get togther and talk about it and try and decide what is best to do then get back with us.


Dizzy Miss Lizzy said...

well ... i guess that's good and bad news all wrapped into one isn't it.


So what's the latest? Have you found out anything new yet???

ScottBoomer said...

No new news. Lariann has an apointment the first week of February so hopefully we can find something out then.