January 28, 2008

Auto vs Pedestrian

Last night we went a pretty messy auto vs pedestrian. This guy was crossing the street on North Temple, while the light was green for trafic coming north and south. He was struck by a pick-up and knocked about 70ft.

When we got there he had alot of head trauma and both legs were obviously broken. He had a weak pulse but wasn't breathing. So we went to work. A chopper was called in and we got him into the ambulance where he went into cardiac arrest. When the flight team arrived they worked him for a little while then ended up calling it.

This is where the fun started for us. We had to wait for the medical examiner to come and get the body. So we sat there on scene for over an hour with this dead guy in the back of our rig while we sat up front doing paper work, calling our wives and listening to the radio.

The moral of the story is "Don't jay walk." Let this be a lesson to all of you.

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