January 19, 2008

Record Setting Day on the Ambulance

We had a busy day on the ambulance in Salt Lake City. My previous record for transports to hospitals in a 24hr shift was 10. We beat that by one my new record is now 11.

Now I know what your thinking, we must have had alot of hurt and sick people in our city. That would be wrong. Six of the eleven were people who were so drunk they couldn't stand on their own. And because of that, the police can't take them to jail. So we get to deliver them to the hospital where the doctors and nurses are ready to greet us with open arms, and are happy to give these people a bed to sleep in until they sober up enough to leave. In case you couldn't tell, I was being sarcastic about that last part.

We did have some cool stuff though. We had a stabbing, and also a guy who was drunk and his house caught fire while he was in it. He managed to stagger outside onto the porch otherwise he might be dead.

Because of all these calls we managed to get to bed at 6 am, and slept until 8 am when we went home. Which after I got home and went to sleep.



You're such a light weight! Try 32in a 12 hour shift! That's right!!! Remember the tornado back in 1999? We ran 32 calls from the windham hotel up to LDS and UofU hospitals.
Now, if you're looking for actual legitimate, individual calls...my record is 14! Nice try though--I'm afraid you're just not working hard enough!
p.s. I just left this same message on your previous post, but it was obviously meant for this one :)

Brad said...

I'll try and talk more hobos into going to the hospital. This is a record I'd rather not break though. I prefer sleeping at night and watching TV during the day.