August 14, 2008

Gregs Wedding

My little brother Greg got married last friday on 8/8/08 to a nice girl named Stacy. They were married at the Bountiful Temple. Our daughter Lucy had the opportunity to find out how boring weddings can really be. She wanted to run around and play at the temple; we wanted her to sit still for pictures. She wanted to get out of her high chair at the wedding breakfast, run around and play; we wanted her to sit still and eat her breakfast. At the reception she wanted to run around and play we wanted to show her off to friends and family whom we hadn't seen in a while.
So with that here are some of the highlights.

The classic emerging from the temple shots.

We tried to keep Lucy and her cousin Britian entertained by showing them the fountain, they wanted to splash in the fountain.

Here's what my parents family looks like now that we've added Stacy.

Gregs cousins decorated/trashed his car. No body planned ahead and brought any supplies so some of my cousins ran home and grabbed some common house hold itmes to throw on his car.

Greg and Stacy had PIE at their reception 4 kinds of PIE. I made it a point to have a slice of each and eat it infront of them while they stood in line.

This is what Lucy and her cousin Britian wanted to do, play on the floor.
By the time we took her home she was exhausted, she fell asleep on the short 1.5 mile ride home. And we just left her in her fancy dress and put her to bed.


Crystal said...

Hurray for weddings! When else would we all get together?

Sarah said...

I'm glad you ate wonderful, beautiful, live sustaining PIE in front of Greg while he had to stand in line. Ha ha. PIE is wonderful.

EmandZachsmom said...

Looks like a lot of fun! Lari Looks AMAZING!!! yay for cousins!

Amy N. said...

I don't think they got his car good enough-we might have to try again :)

ScottBoomer said...

Amy you're right.
We would never of let that happen in our day. I guess some of our cousins just aren't as passionate about it as we are.