August 26, 2008

Olympic results

We now have the results for the Olympic popularity poll. Like the Olympic games we had some controversy. After further investigation it was discovered the taekwondo, who had run away the vote, had in fact been using steroids and therefore had to be disqualified.

We had some events that received only a single vote. Equestrian, pentathlon, rowing, shooting, softball and water polo. And another group that received double those votes at two a piece, triathlon, soccer, sailing and baseball. Diving and kayak were able to one up those and gain three votes each. All of theses events with the exception of baseball are events I would never sit down and watch if it wasn't in the Olympics. I think that's pretty much the same for every one else out there.

Volleyball was able to slip past track & field and basketball despite the best efforts of Kobe and LeBron. What a great games it was for volleyball. The U.S. medaled in every volleyball event. Picking up three golds and one silver. Plus they wear some great uniforms.

Swimming was two better then volleyball. I think we all tuned in every night to watch Michael Phelps inch closer and closer to getting his eight gold medals. It seemed like every race another world record would fall.

Finally gymnastics comes out on top. With Shawn Johnson and Nastia Liukin leading team USA it was a very successful Olympics. Even the men managed to pick up some medals.

With the close of the games it will probably be another four years before I watch a gymnastics meet or a water polo game and I can now go back to hating Kobe Bryant. So now we can get back to whats really important. The Major League Baseball pennant races. Go CARDINALS!

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