August 28, 2008

Non-Virgin Lagoon Day

We recently held the 4th annual "Non-Virgin Lagoon Day".

This all started about 4 years ago when Lariann and myself went to lagoon with some of our married friends. I'm not sure who first started calling it "Non-Virgin Lagoon Day" (probably Marc Lunt) but we go to lagoon and the name has stuck.

It's not as exclusive as you might think. My brother Tyler has brought several dates to Non-Virgin Lagoon day. My sister Alison was set up on a blind date one time and brought our cousin Sarah with her another time. Greg took his then girl friend now wife Stacy before she went on her mission.

Lets have a look at this years participants.

Here's my cute little wife Lariann and my self on the space scrambler and on Odysea lagoons new ride. It's kind of like the dumbo ride at disney land only you get a little wet.

My brother Tyler and his lovely wife Brooke on the turn of the century and at wicked. Lariann decided not to ride rattle snake rapids so Tyler, Brooke and I did.

Finally here is my long time friend Marc Lunt with his beautiful wife Hali (pronounced Holly). They are riding the flying aces and also on odysea.

It was another successful Non-virgin Lagoon Day. I would also like to take this time to thank our corporate sponsors they really help make Non-Virgin Lagoon Day everything it can be.


Amy N. said...

LOL good thing for the sponsers...that looks like lots of FUN-I haven't been to lagoon since I was a kid. Did you leave all the kids home to fend for themselves?

ScottBoomer said...

Non-Virgin Lagoon Day is no place for children.
We left them with grandparents.

Annemarie said...

HA HA HA HA HA!!! Love the sponsors! :D

Sarah said...

I'm sad I missed non-virgin Lagoon Day. That is definitely one of the more awkward days at Lagoon. But not as awkward as Rainbow Day at Disneyworld.