October 26, 2008

Desert Island Discs.

This is an idea I got from my friend Dave. The basic idea as he puts it is "what albums would you want if you were stranded on a desert island that just happens to have a stereo and electricity but still no way to contact anyone for help".

There are a few rules that he decided to make:

• Only one album from each artist (forcing you to make some tough choices).
• No greatest hits or compilations of any kind (that would be cheating).
• Limit the list to 10.
• Ignore the iPod factor since it essentially makes this list obsolete. It's not about the technology anyway, it's about the music! Plus "Desert Island Discs" sounds a lot snappier than "Desert Island Playlist."

I've tried to select a decent variety of albums, I mean who knows how long I'll be on this island I better be prepared for no matter what my mood is. And now the moment you've all been waiting for my albums in no particular order.

1-"Big Bad Voodoo Daddy", Big Bad Voodoo Daddy. It's old time swing with a modern twist. I've just got to have some jazz on my island.

2-"Thriller", Michael Jackson. This one goes back to before Michael became a crazy child lover. It was the 80's and he was on top of the world. There's a lot of good stuff on this one. To bad this is where his sanity and music peaked.

3-"Stunt", Barenaked Ladies. There are alot of songs by the Barenaked Ladies that I like, they seem to be spread out accross several albums though. This is the album that I remember being the first time I heard of these guys, and was a little disapointed to find out it was a group of fully clothed men.

4-"Rock of Ages", The Mormon Tabernacle Choir. 30 great hymns. You've got to have something to listen to on a Sunday. Even though you may not know for sure when Sunday is on a deserted island.

5-"Endless Summer", The Beach Boys. I grew listening to this album. We would take it on car trips and listen to it over and over when we were kids. Plus if your on a deserted island it seems like the perfect theme music.

6-"In Pieces", Garth Brooks. There were alot of albums I could of used here. Garth Brooks is to country what Elvis Presley is to rock and roll. This album would probably be my favorite.

7-"Falling Into You", Celine Dion. Once again there were alot of albums I could have used but since I had to pick one this album seems to have more songs that I like than the others. I really enjoy her powerful voice.

8-"Daydream", Mariah Carey. This was the first CD I ever owned. I really like Mariah Carey before she went all R&B and became a really big skank.

9-"The Music Man". I felt like a needed a musical in here and this one is my favorite.

10-"Come On Over", Shania Twain. This is probably my most listned to album ever. Every song on this album is great and it's not often you find an album that you like from start to finish.

There you have it. I think I have a pretty good variety here. Enough to stave off going insane all alone on island for at least a few days. What would you have on your island?
Feel free to make your own list but in the mean time I will tag some of my friends and family to help give them some motivation to do their own.
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Cares said...

I thought for sure you would have that Crazy Al guy that I would always hear playing at your house, or was that Greg's obsession??

Dave said...

Some good selections early in the list, but between Celine Dion, Shania Twain, AND a musical, I think I'm going to have to confiscate one of your man cards. It really is quite a miracle we have remained such good friends all these years.

Sam said...

I'm sorry, but even the first half of the list has to be questioned in light of the second half. If the list were given in reverse order and someone asked me to guess who made the list... No, nevermind, the order doesn't matter, your musical preference is very feminine.

LindsayKeller said...

I'll post my desert island discs probably after Halloween, by Wednesday at the earliest. I want to say that I was surprised by your choices but, I wasn't.

Scarlet said...

Your list could do without Celine Dion and Shania Twain, but the musical is okay. I'm working on my list currently and will get it posted when it's done. It's quite the topic as I have a million CD''s and I think it's difecult to just pick 10!

Amy N. said...

You know when you mentioned I had some "interesting" albums on mine I had to come over and read through yours again. I would never have pegged you as a Celine Dion person...seriously Scott the lady drives me CRAZY. And to have Country on your list...man I don't know you at all.

That Mariah Carey album was my first one too, and I remember you boys' Beach Boys phase-can I call most of your growing up as a phase?

So what did you find so interesting about my picks? The fact that the only women singers I like are church singers?