November 2, 2009

Halloween 2009

Lucy had a lot of fun this October with Halloween. We did a lot of fun things and got plenty of candy.

We made it out to Firghtmares at Lagoon for one last time this year, we went on a night when Aunt Alison was working so we could see her to. Lucy had a great time riding rides, going to the kids spook alley and watching the "Monster Mash" show. She even got to have her picture taken with the cast which she thought was great. Funny story about this. Lucy and I were standing there watching the show when one of my supervisors spotted me and came up to me and started talking with us. He asked how I liked the show and I made some joke about wanting Catwomans number. He then went up to her and the rest of the female cast asked them if they were interested in going out with me. They were all under 20 so a little young for me, but I was thoroughly embarrassed by the whole thing.

Lucy did pumpkin carving with myself, Grandpa and Aunt Alison

Of course we also went Trick-or-Treating. Lucy went as a skeleton. We stayed out in the neighborhood for over an hour. Her bucket got to heavy for her to carry so she had me carry it. This idea that the whole neighborhood is handing out candy was wonderful to her, I like it to since I go through I pick out what I want from her stash. She liked it so much she asked the next night if we could go Trick-or-Treating


Hali said...

So cute Scott, well done. I like her costume, very cute!!!

Amy N. said...

Cute little skeleton you got there! We do trunk or treating up here and the whole town comes out so my kids get WAY too much candy and that only means one thing...guess I better help them eat the "nasty" ones :)

Lindsay said...

What? No Ewok costume?