November 9, 2009


There used to be a Denver Broncos flag flying out in front of my house, not unlike the one pictured here. I say, "used to" because I came home from work last Thursday morning at about 7:30 am to find that the flag was not flying any more and the pole it was attached to was also missing.
I did a check of the front yard and surrounding area but my search did not turn my missing flag. I checked with the neighbors and nobody saw it or had seen one similar to mine no hanging on a house some where else in the neighborhood. Total loss counting the flag and pole was around $50, not enough to worry calling Layon PD over to investigate.
I was going to chalk it up to unruly teens or raiders fans, since they're all criminals anyway committing a crime like this wouldn't be a stretch.
To my surprise I came home Sunday evening after dinner at my parents to find a message on my home answering machine. It was a woman's voice with a man in the back ground coaching her a little. She stated she had my flag and was holding it ransom for a plate of cookies and that if I were to call her we could set up an exchange. There were a couple of problems with this, she didn't leave a name or number, I can't bake cookies and I want to murder who ever took it, which I assume is this woman and I also assume that she is a raiders fan and I don't like negotiating with terrorists.
I suppose until I get another phone call with some kind of contact information this mystery will remain unsolved and I will continue to hate the raiders, which I was going to do anyway.


Sarah said...

Poor Scott! I cannot believe those Raiders. Looks like they raided you. Well, I hope she calls back so you can have your mom or wonderful aunt (my mom) help you make cookies so you can get your flag back.

Dave said...

You should spice up the ransom cookies with a pinch of ex-lax.

Amy N. said...

that is kinda funny...not the crime part, but the whole "bake me cookies and you can have it back" part. I agree they are brave to want home baked goods for ransom...who knows what could happen to fall into them in the mixing process.

Melanie said...

that is pretty shady.... stealing a flag? how rude! You could use Sparky poop as "chocolate" chips.... Bwahahaha! :)

Lindsay said...

Wow, it's sort of crazy what rabid sports fans will do. Good luck with the cookie/flag negociations!

Sarah said...

We like Dave's idea. Andrew spiced up Stacy's cousin's brownies with some ex-lax, he knows the good stuff. He says you could also get chocolate flavored stuff at Wal-Mart.