November 24, 2009

Full Throttle

There are a lot of energy drinks out there, Rock Star, Monster, Red Bull, Amp but I have a favorite of my own I'd like to tell you about. (As you can see I'm having trouble coming up with material for this blog)
A few years ago while working for Southwest Ambulance in SLC one of my partners and I discovered an energy drink called Full Throttle. I don't drink a lot of energy drinks but I started keeping one or two in our station fridge and when it seemed like we were having a long night I would crack one open and guzzle it to help get me through the night.
I thought my full throttle days were behind me when I started work for church security, since I work the graveyard shift I've found my self using a full throttle every now and then to help get through the night.
There are several kinds of full throttle I tend to go with red, orange or blue, they are my favorites. They taste like smarties ground up into liquid form.

I would stay away from green and black (though it's yellow when you pour it out of the can) I find their tastes to be less then desirable.

It even comes in Slurpee form, if you can find it. I once drove to four seven eleven convenience stores to find one, which was not very convenient for me.

I've done some experimenting with full throttle, we took some vanilla ice cream and combined it with the blue full throttle to make a full throttle float. Now I know what you all are thinking about this and let me just warn you it's not as good as you would think. Trust me.
I'm sure this lack of sleep and supplementing that lack with these energy drinks is just taking years off my life, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do to survive.
So if the full throttle people are reading this, thank you for helping keep my up at nights.


Dave said...

When you say "we" made full throttle floats, are you referring to you and Lucy? That would make for an exciting evening.

Cares said...

Haha wow.. I am more of a rockstar girl white is my color, I am all for sugar free! But i will have to try this Trottle out and I will let you know what I think!

Brooke Bredthauer said...

Oh man! I remember hearing these stories of your slurpees!