December 1, 2009

Lucy Pics

Here's the follow up from our family pics. My cousin Amy took some great pics of Lucy and just a reminder for everyone out there, she is available for hire and does some great work.
Once again I'm looking to you my loyal readers to give me your opinion on which picture should hang on my living room wall. Please vote for one and let me know why you chose that one.
Here we go

Dress #1

Dress #2

Dress #3

Hay #1

Hay #2

Hay #3

Fence #1

Fence #2

Dancing around


Krissy said...

I voted for Fence #1... because I think it will go better with the pic of you and Lucy that people voted on before. She looks all grown up in the dress pics, though. Very cute!

Hali said...

I was torn I loved dress #3, and hay #2, but I voted dress #3, either way she looks darling. I can't wait to see which one is hanging on your wall.

Kristie said...

I like dress #2 and hay #2 and the dancing in the hay. You should just do a collage! She is so cute!

Sarah said...

Scott, it was a lot easier to pick the one with you in it. Lucy is so cute you should just put them all on your wall and it would be great. I vote for Dress #3 or Hay #2, but I don't know which one to vote for!

Cares said...

I am sorry, I am no help! I like them all...way too hard to pick just one! I like dress #1 or 3 if i had to choose... Love them though whatever one you go with will be great! :)

Melanie said...

I really liked hay #1 because it really shows Lucy's personality. And she is just adorable.

Scarlet said...

I voted for dress 1 because it reminded me so much of Lari... but Hay 2 and dancing around are close seconds and they would match the picture of you and Lucy better that we just recently voted upon.

The Bredthauers said...

I love Dress #1 and hay #1 (but ended up voting for dress #1). You have one cute litte girl!

Crystal said...

I loved dress #3 but your other fans here have a good point about the other picture you chose. Maybe together on a wall hay #2 would be better than the dress. She is adorable. I love love love her smile!!

The Bentley Family and Aussiemuminthekitchen said...

They are all gorgeous but for dressy I love dress #1 and for casual I love hay #1. Sooo cute!

The Bredthauers said...

Your daughter is pretty cute but I think you should post a bunch of pictures of me.

I voted for dress three however I sure did love the fence ones


Brooke Bredthauer said...

Oh my...that is a very hard decision! I can't believe you got that many cute shots...I struggle to get just one! Good luck deciding, I'm no help! She sure is a sweetie!