October 16, 2010

New Bed

A couple of weeks ago we finally broke down and got Lucy out a crib and into a bed.
We let her pick out her own sheets for the bed. They had all kinds of options at the store, princes, Tinkerbelle, SpongeBob to name a few. But Lucy saw the Cars sheets and had to have them.

We did at least have a nice comforter to put over the Cars sheets that is a little more girly.Last year my aunt Jennifer took an old sheet set and some old pajamas of Larianns and she patched it together into a quilt. Once night Jennifer had some of my family and some of Larianns famiy over and they tied the quilt. Now Lucy has this wonderful blanket made out her Moms old pj’s and sheets.

Funny thing about the new bed, Lucy won’t get out of it on her own. Every morning she calls for one of us to come get her and every morning we go in and tell her she can get out any time she wants, which she then does. It’s like she’s looking for our permission to get up. I’m sure this will all change in a few years and instead of her telling us she’s ready to get up it’ll be us telling her it’s time to get up.


Crystal said...

Ammon would definitely approve of her choice in sheets. Cars is his favorite! And trust me, Lucy will figure out soon enough that she can get out on her own. Then you'll wish you never told her she could!

Sarah said...

So cute! Yes, some day you will have to drag her out of bed and you will wish for the days when she asked if she could get out of bed.

The Bentley Family and Aussiemuminthekitchen said...

How funny! I love the quilt...how special. No doubt it will be a fave or hers forever! We STILL haven't broken down and bought Gabe a bed. On occasion I think we should plan on it but he just loves his crib so much I figure why bother...my kid will be the only one in kindergarten still in a crib I swear. LOL.